Call Me Frankie! All My Friends Do.

How Go Travel Local Got Started (Or, just how long have you been traveling locally?)

First Culture shock: Moving from California to the Greater Orlando area and learning the art of redneck games.

It wasn’t all bad. I went to prom in a pickup, learned how to mud bog properly (if you weren’t flung out the missing door – success!); and stood sidelines during the inaugural hunt, where the end prize was a wild boar feast. I’ve been a self-proclaimed BBQ connoisseur, ever since.

Then I went to college in the deep south of Tennessee. There I fell in love with a dead guy. To be more specific, a dead writer: Keroauc. I was inspired to go on the road. And so I did.

I was bitten by that travel bug. So hard, in fact, it never did release its hold on me.

I made my way through the South, like Daisy Crockett in a roving caravan. Then, onto the world.

I backpacked through the Alps (where I learned the art of beer-hut hopping), stayed sun-kissed in the southern regions of the world, and, on a perfect beach, I (literally) ran into a brown-haired boy, named Red. And we’ve been traveling together, ever since.

Wherever we go, we listen to the locals. Locals know where to eat, when to eat, and who to eat with, and while you’re waiting, they know where to get the best haircut, or car wash, or beer.Traveling around our hometown of Orlando is no different.

Go Travel Local is written by locals, for locals. We’re always on the go, checking out new hang spots, suggested by locals, like yourself, or happening upon your next: date night, ladies luncheon, brewery to bring your mother-in-law. It’s all here.

So, get to it! Go Travel Local now.

Whatever You Do,

Go Travel Local

Join in the local community.

Find your next BBQ hot spot.

Look for something lazy to do.

It’s all right here for the taking!


Go Travel Local

Written By Locals, For Locals